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Personalized nutrition and wellness solutions

From research in the field of Genetics DF Medica develops DNA testing programmes aimed at individual health management

The uniqueness of each individual originates from the countless relations between their DNA and the surrounding environment.

Every need is unique.
Every solution offered by DF Medica is inspired by the highest personalization.

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Thanks to Nutrigenetics it is possible to meet the growing demand for personalized nutrition and health management.
Thanks to DNA testing it is possible to define integrated nutritional strategies, aimed at enhancing individual potential and at intervening on critical predispositions and risk factors through a functional approach.


Scientific framework

DF Medica’s Scientific Advisory Board includes academic figures recognized at international level and ensures the upmost scientific rigor in the research and development of our services.


Only for Professionals

DF Medica relies on the expertise of qualified professionals for the interpretation of the genetic information contained in the test reports and for counselling the patients with the highest level of personalization in health and wellness management.



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iGenesis is our integrated nutrigenetic programme. The DNA investigation is structured in five complementary modules which analyse different functional areas, such as weight management and health prevention, which allow for a fully personalized and integrated approach to the patient’s health.

  • iGenesis SLIM
  • iGenesis MICRO
  • iGenesis SENSOR
  • iGenesis HEALTH
  • iGenesis DETOX
  • iGenesis SLIM


    The Slim module deals with weight management issues. The module provides both the individual genetic profile related to the metabolism of macronutrients and further information about additional factors which influence the patient’s lifestyle, relationship with food and compliance with the diet, such as weight regain and response to calorie reduction, in order to optimize the accomplishment and maintenance of the ideal weight.

  • iGenesis MICRO


    The Micro module provides the genetic information about vitamin metabolism, absorption and transport, together with the information about the metabolism of calcium and magnesium. Micronutrients play a fundamental role in the functioning of cell metabolism and it is important to ensure a correct intake as they are not produced autonomously by our body.

  • iGenesis SENSOR


    The Sensor module identifies individual predisposition to food intolerances and sensitivities to certain substances which could cause adverse reactions and increase chronical inflammation. This module investigates individual predisposition to sensitivity to alcohol, caffeine, nickel, sodium, fructose, lactose and gluten and the predisposition to a scarce or excessive absorption of iron.

  • iGenesis HEALTH


    The Health module investigates the predisposition to risk conditions and metabolic diseases, with the purpose of contributing in improving long-term health. Preventive knowledge about susceptibility to hypercholesterolemia or to reduced insulin activity, to abdominal fat or to metabolic syndrome represents valuable information for modulating the diet plan in a perspective of effective prevention.

  • iGenesis DETOX


    The Detox module identifies the genetic predisposition of our body to efficiently contrast the excess of free radicals and the accumulation of toxins, which is determined by our antioxidant and detoxification capability. All the metabolic processes that take place inside our body produce waste substances which must be eliminated in order for our cells to develop healthily.


  • Fitsport 2.0
  • Medline Osteo
  • Medline H. Thrombophilia
  • Fitsport 2.0

    The Fitsport 2.0 DNA test is an extension of the iGenesis programme which investigates genetic aspects related to sport performance and fitness, such as the predisposition to power or endurance, antioxidant recovery, lipolysis capacity and inflammatory response.

  • Medline Osteo

    The Osteo DNA test is an extension of the iGenesis programme which investigates genetic aspects related to bone health. This test is especially recommended to women and to athletes in order to optimize nutrition and physical exercise in terms of prevention.

  • Medline H. Thrombophilia

    The H. Thrombophilia DNA test is an extension of the iGenesis programme which investigates the genetic predisposition to Thrombosis through the analysis of alterations of the factors involved in blood clotting. This test is especially recommended to women who have experienced thrombotic episodes and who are exposed to specific risk factors, such as oral contraception and hormone replacement therapy.

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